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At Demant Technology Centre, we want to create technologies that set the benchmark for the hearing healthcare business.

Our priorities are well defined by the Agile Manifesto, which, among other things specifies that customer satisfaction can be achieved through continuous delivery of valuable software. This is the reason why we develop our products based on Scrum, which provides outstanding results in highly innovative development processes. Many successful companies around the world 

use Scrum, as it is the leading agile development framework. It enhances the competence of our teams in order to achieve truly innovative solutions. We are fully committed to the realization of our ideas using both the potential of our employees and the needs and suggestions of our customers.


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Meet our team

At Demant Technology Centre one becomes part of a team of specialists such as User Experience Designers, Scrum Masters, Software Developers, Audiologists and Business Analysts. Each of us connects passion with technological development to give our customers a natural sound experience allowing them to interact with their surroundings and overcome the limitations caused by hearing loss.

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