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About us

Demant Technology Centre is a part of the Danish company William Demant, with R&D locations in Denmark, Switzerland and Poland. Our main goal is to create new opportunities for healthcare solutions to care for us all better and better.

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About William Demant

William Demant is the largest hearing healthcare company in the world with a revenue of over 1,433 million euros. We employ over 11,000 people in more than 30 countries to create a wide range of products, which are sold in 130 countries. William Demant 

conducts research, develops advanced technology and manufactures such products as: technological solutions, hearing aids, implants, diagnostic instruments and appliances for personal communication.

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Historical place

This beautiful hill with the two large trees, next to the William Demant headquarters is the place where King Svend is buried. The mound has never been excavated, therefore it is not known exactly how old it is. Its shape and size suggest, however, that it is from the Early Bronze Age (1800-1000 BC).